Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paper banner crafting

While visiting my parents i decided to bring my papers and make a Christmas banner for my mom and dad. i already had the letters cut out with my son's girlfriend's cricut so I only had to cut the papers and decorate it with ribbons. came out so cute i think i am going to make more for all my family.  Here is a crude photo i took with my tablet. I warn you the camera is not very good :-/

didnt work so i will do it when i get mobile service from my phone. If you can view my facebook page i posted it there.

Monday, November 12, 2012

What I did my summer vacation.

Good Morning fellow blog followers!!!  It is a beautiful Veterans' Day here in Tonawanda and I have off thanks to all the Veterans out there (I am one also from the US Air Force too).   I've been working on lots of crafts since my last post oogles ago!  I hit a snag in July - my sciatic kicked in really bad from a bulging disc.  Ouch!  Got alot of pain medication, physical therapy, and a couple shots in my discs to get me to the point where I can sit, stand, sleep, and finally CRAFT again.

Worked on some paper banners. 

Worked on some microwaveable bowl cozys.

besides those two, I really have not been feeling good enough to craft.  Oh, forgot the best part...

My niece Laura and I have designed a tree for the Festival of Trees in Buffalo that benefits Women's & Children's Hospital.  Here are a few pics of it.

We made all the cupcake ornaments, faux candy garland, and designed the tree from top to bottom.  We are looking forward to finishing it in the next couple days.