Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Quilting Challenge week 4

I love my French Press coffee carafe.  I love the ease of using it, I love the way it tastes, I love how small the pot is and how portable it is...I just love it!!!!  Now I am making a insulated cozy to keep my coffee warm before I get to it.

I've been wanting to make one of these for myself for a while and this challenge has inspired me to make one this week.  I knew I wouldn't have much time to work making a larger quilt this week but I knew I had time to make this one.

First I measured my press from the bottom of the pot the the bottom of the handle and added 1", then I measured all the way around the pot and added 1"- note* if you do one add 2" long way since mine came out a little shorter than I needed to add velcro.  I cut out two pieces for my background - one sky blue for the outside and one lime green polkadot for the inside - this can be reversible if you wanted to have the other color out.

Then I wanted to make a sunrise with some cheery yellow scraps so I cut wedges out of about 12 pieces and stitched them together.  After ironing them I folded down the raw edge on the outside of the half circle 1/4" so I could applique it down onto my outside fabric.  I added a half round piece of cotton batting behind the sun piece to puff it out a little bit.

To applique it i laid it onto the blue fabric and put a decorative stitch around the rounded edge to make it look like the surface of the sun - well I thought it does.  Then I sewed both pieces together and after I turned it inside out, slid a piece of insulbrite between the top and bottom layers.  I put velcro on each side so I could close it around my carafe.  This is where I made it just a little too small and the velcro had to stick out the sides of my cozy.

After it was all together, I quilted it with some wavy stitches in bright yellow thread across my seams on the sun and through the middle areas and all the way to the edge of the blue sky fabric.  The yellow kinda ties all the pieces together.

Voila, my French Press has a cozy.  I used it this morning and my coffee was still a little warm after an hour in the pot.


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Challenge Quilt week 3 - Patterns

Yippee, I finished my entry before the 11th hour this week. Im calling my quilt this week "Another Brick on my Wall" reference to Pink Floyd.  First off, my inspiration, the family room fireplace wall.

I went with a white on white style in fabrics.  I added hearts as the appliqué since it is near Valentines Day.

Picking fabrics and sewing my bricks together.

Now I had to decide on the appliqué and I was going to do a vine in the bricks but went with hearts kinda in a vine like pattern. 

Now I just have to wait for the batting to get delivered so I can finish the runner by the deadline. 


2/2/17 Picked up the batting last night and made my quilt sandwich. Sewed around all my hearts and vines and I was going to keep going around and around but that took so long to manipulate it around in my machine that I just decided to stitch in the ditch to make the bricks stand out. Now if they have awards to strait stitching... I would have won them all. I just stitched up to my outline  stitching and I think it looks fabulous!!!

It is complete and ready to enter. Hope you vote for mine, I wanna win a prize!  Thank you Quilting Challenge!

Scrap quilting

While searching the internet for new quilting ideas, I came across a new quilting challenge for a scrap quilt. And it just so happens that I started sewing one this month. Last night I took a photo of all the blocks laid out on my living room floor to send my mom and sister the pic to see how the liked it.
After the picture I took the blocks into my sewing room and started to sew them together. 

Worked on it a little more this week and got the scrap border put on three sides. I'm not putting the border at the top.  Can't wait to get my batting delivered this week so I can finish it!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

My Challenge Quilt entry for the Carolina Lily

It is a hot pad table runner that 
is 14"x50"

I used cotton fabrics to make three Carolina Lily blocks, added some more fabric to the ends so it would match up to the size I wanted for the runner, then aged two plain blocks of fabric for length. I then appliquéd the stem into the top fabric. After all my layers were sandwiched together, I pinned it all together and began stitching a random quilting pattern all around. Very happy how it turned out with the yellow binding. It doesn't show, but there is a real pretty Daisy fabric on the other side.
My first Challenge Quilt entry.

I call this Carolina Lily in the Sky. It is a 15" x 48" hot pad table runner
My first Challenge Quilt entry.

I call this Carolina Lily in the Sky. It is a 15" x
My first Challenge Quilt entry.

I call this Carolina Lily in the Sky. It is a 15" x