Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sewing from my scrap stash

Hi everyone. It's January and I had a great holiday season. With the help of my mother and sister I didn't have to sew every night to keep up with the online orders this season. Craft shows did really well and I even sold a bunch of stuff to the ladies at work.

Now I am working on getting into reducing my scrap stash. I've got strips cut for a quilt for the spare bedroom - some are sewed together into 10.5" squares already. I even made flying geese for out of spring colored scraps for a table runner and it is all ready to machine quilt together. Funny but all the fabric I removed to use really doesn't look like I took any out at all ::insert confused look here::.

Guess I'll get off my computer and get sewing again.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's been a while

I've been out of blogging for so long I needed to change my password since I forgot the old one.  Lots of new activity in my crafting world to talk about.

First of all, I don't make the little dresses any more, hard sell at shows and online.  And talk about online - I have been doing great during the months leading up to the holidays.  Cozies, Camera Strap covers, and a few other things have been flying out the door.  This year I got my sister and my mother to help stockpile up a few cozies so I have some on hand to sell online, then I'm not sewing my whole November and December away.

Craft shows have been hit or miss (mostly miss) this year.  I did a new one this year since it was close to my sister's house and could make a weekend out of it, that ended up being very slow.  As it turned out, she had to go to Little Rock Arkansas since her father-in-law died that weekend and she wasn't even there.  I grabbed my mother from her house and took her with me so I wasn't doing the job alone.  We should have stayed home since I barely made my gas money to get there and back.  Last time I do a show without going to it first to check it out (how many times have I said that?).

The best shows profit wise that I did this year was Fall Festival in the City of Tonawanda.  For a $20 show I sold over $200.  Also Sweet Home High School fall show was $40 and I sold $220.  The last show I have this year is St Gregory the Great on black Friday & Saturday that costs me $110 but I do great there.  Just have to set up my space right to get the best sales.  Table runners sell good there.

I am working on small clutch purses for this holiday show that I can sell for $6 each,  My sister said to put on a strap but I really just want the purse to be a hand clutch.  If somebody wants a strap on it I will put one on, but I'm not putting a strap on every one.  I would charge $3 for each strap.  I may have some straps ready to sew onto the purses but then again I may not (lol).  I'm starting to use up my stockpile of fabrics for these clutches, that I have already made lots of stuff out of, so I'm not spending any more money making them.  I already have about 20 of them almost complete so if I make 50 and sell half I'll profit about $200+.

I am also going to start using up my scraps (I have about 40 lbs of scraps) making French Press Cozies.  They will wrap around the coffee maker to keep it hot while brewing the coffee.  I have lots of scraps and it will be very enjoyable getting rid of them.  I have scraps of insulbright too so these will be "free" supplies.  Every $ I make from these will be pure profit in my head.  Maybe I will make a couple baby quilts or table runners out of my scraps too.

"TTFN Ta-Ta for now" - quote from Tigger

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Back to stockpiling for shows.

I've been sewing alot the past couple months. Making lots of bowl cozys, camera strap covers, and tagging everything with new tags. I decided to price the items with the price plus tax to make them an even dollar amount to make it easier to add them up at a show. very daunting task but I am making progress. Part of my resolution to be more organized this year-I am usually tagging things as I put them out for sale!

The camera strap covers are adorable if I say so myself.  they all have a wrap around pocket for the lens cap cover and whatever else fits for the photographer.  I used some new fabric purchased that has cameras on it and some that i already had on hand.  Think I should make 20 more so I'll have 50 for the season.  Oh, who am I kidding...I'll probably make 100 if i have enough fabric.  I should make some wristlet size for smaller digital cameras since alot of people use the little cameras. hmmmmmm.

Well guess I'll surf the web to see what the cameras are using for straps and how they hook on before i start sewing.  Away I go!

Till I craft again!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Paper banner crafting

While visiting my parents i decided to bring my papers and make a Christmas banner for my mom and dad. i already had the letters cut out with my son's girlfriend's cricut so I only had to cut the papers and decorate it with ribbons. came out so cute i think i am going to make more for all my family.  Here is a crude photo i took with my tablet. I warn you the camera is not very good :-/

didnt work so i will do it when i get mobile service from my phone. If you can view my facebook page i posted it there.

Monday, November 12, 2012

What I did my summer vacation.

Good Morning fellow blog followers!!!  It is a beautiful Veterans' Day here in Tonawanda and I have off thanks to all the Veterans out there (I am one also from the US Air Force too).   I've been working on lots of crafts since my last post oogles ago!  I hit a snag in July - my sciatic kicked in really bad from a bulging disc.  Ouch!  Got alot of pain medication, physical therapy, and a couple shots in my discs to get me to the point where I can sit, stand, sleep, and finally CRAFT again.

Worked on some paper banners. 

Worked on some microwaveable bowl cozys.

besides those two, I really have not been feeling good enough to craft.  Oh, forgot the best part...

My niece Laura and I have designed a tree for the Festival of Trees in Buffalo that benefits Women's & Children's Hospital.  Here are a few pics of it.

We made all the cupcake ornaments, faux candy garland, and designed the tree from top to bottom.  We are looking forward to finishing it in the next couple days.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

C-Anal Fest

Well, the craft show ended up being a flop.  My side of the tent only ended up selling just over $200, Lori's side was about $70.  I think the worst part of the show, and probably the reason we did not sell more, was the jerk next to our tent harassing the customers walking by.  He thought he was being funny trying to get people to come back to his tent to see what he had by saying "hey come back over here I want to sell you something" or "come on buy something and we will be friends" and "let me show you something".  I think most people walking by were offended by his sales tactics and were "running" to get away from him before he talked to them again.  There is nothing I could do about it, I even told him Sunday morning before the show started that he was harassing the customers in front of our booth and asked if he would stop.  He said he was sorry and that it is his sales pitch and that is the only way he can get people to buy his stuff.   WHAT??? Your craft (which he only had one item that he actually did make) should sell itself not harassing somebody to buy it from you.  Most of what he had in his tent was manufactured goods and his one "craft" was a redneck goblet made of a candle stick and a mason jar glued together.  How much time do those take to make?  30 seconds each?  Crafters spend most of their free time making their craft all year, and for somebody to sell manufactured goods at a "craft" show is just the meanist thing somebody can do toward another crafter.  YOU CAN BUY THAT STUFF IN A STORE!  If the customers avoided those booths in the first place, maybe those booths would go away for good from craft shows.  I really had very high expectations for sales at Canal Fest, guess I learned my lesson about that show to not do it again.  UGGH what a mess.
Until I do another craft show (this weekend).

Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting ready for Canal Fest!

OK ITS THIS WEEK!  Getting a little excited, nervous, and thrilled (along with a few other emotions) for the craft show this weekend at Canal Fest.  The booth cost $175 but I am splitting it with another crafter that I graduated high school with.  I'm hoping our stuff complements each others and brings people into the booth to check it out.  This is probably the most highly attended show, as far as customers go to, that I am aware of.  I've made a few new items: key wristlets, baby bibs, aprons, & sundresses that I hope the customers will gobble right up.  I made a banner for the front of the booth and I'm thinking I should go get a few yards of cheap colored fabric for the corners just to make the booth pretty.  If I get the chance I will do just that just to make it a wee bit more whimsical..  

I'll have to scotchguard the tent too...last show the seams started leaking a little bit.  I'll set up the tent maybe tonight and hang up the banner to see how it looks (take a picture or two and post it) and spray the seams with the scotchguard.  I don't think it is going to rain this weekend (keeping fingers & toes crossed) but incase it does I'll feel safer knowing I sprayed!

I had to get somebody to split the show with me since my mom & sister were not able to man the tent with me this weekend.  My mom is on vacation in Delaware with my niece and her family, and my sister is working.  Next show on July 28th I am driving to my moms Friday after work, taking her and my sister to the craft show in Sparta NY on Saturday with our crafts and driving back after the show to moms house to spend the night.  I just have a small suv but lots of room when you lower a seat.  We are not taking that much crafts to this show - mostly just the old wooden signs we made a few years back.  I'm hoping to lower the prices way down and sell them all at this show since the show only cost $10 we should make more than our share of proceeds.  We should bring some other good sellers like the dammit dolls, halos, jewelery and baby bibs.  I'll see what I can stick in my car after the tent and bin of wood signs goes in.

Anyhow, till I craft again!