Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting Ready for Canal Fest

So, now that the Etsy orders for the patriotic dress has subsided (I may have another order for two more dresses but she has not gotten back to me), I can now start working on stuff to sell at Canal Fest. 

I am making some fruit bibs for babies that are shaped like a strawberry, apple, pear, watermelon, blueberry, plum, peach, orange, and pumpkin, not to mention a leaf.  I know the leaf is not a fruit but it is really cute.  I would like to get 50 done for the show so I need about 37 more.  I sold 8 on Etsy and decided they would go good at a show.  I'm thinking $3.50 each or 3/$10.  I'm getting better at making them too so they don't take too long to get done.  I think the hardest part is making the bias tape for the edging because there is alot of ironing involved. 

I will probably finish up using the patriotic fabric I have and get a few more dresses done for the craft show.  I may as well use it up and display the dresses at Canal Fest.  People may remember them and take my card for an order for next year, an order on Etsy would be better so my shop is listed on the card. 

After Canal Fest is over I am going to start on a quilt.  I got a few patterns that I like printed out and I already have the fabric for it.  I just have to find the time and start quilting.  I'll make one for my bed, take photos of it and make a few quilt blocks so I can list a similar quilt on Etsy that I can make for people. 

I'm hoping that the online sales work out so I don't have to do but one or two craft shows each year.  I really hate dragging everything somewhere, setting up, and hoping the weather holds out for the customers to purchase my stuff!!!  But anyways, enough of my talking, gotta get back to work.

Until I craft again!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ummmm...gotta get serious crafting!

I got home today from a trip to Syracuse to attend the NYS Bowling assoc annual meeting. When I got home about 7:20PM I found I had an acceptance letter into the Canal Fest Craft Show in July. I was hoping to get in but I did not hold my breath as not to be too let down in case we did not get in. Well, now I have to start major crafting now. The show is July 21-22 and there will be about 10000 people shopping for the two days - hope I have what they are looking to buy. I am splitting the show with another crafter who has her own stuff, so I'll have our (my, mom, & my sister's) stuff to sell, and Lori will bring her stuff. Hope we have a good mix together. I have lots of pillowcase dresses left since I made lots up front, we have lots of dammit dolls I'm buying a container for them at Ikea when I visit my daughter that is like a small foldable hamper (I should get one for my lawn bugs too). I have enough aprons too but I need to get making some bonnets to go with the little dresses. I may even make a bonnet/bib set that match. On another note, when I bought patterns when they were $1 each, I picked up one that had 4 different bags...handbag, handbag with bow, large tote, and extra large tote with bow. I am going to make these for the girls at work for christmas this year. I have an idea that I better get working on them in august or I will never finish them in time. Until I craft again. Coleen

Friday, June 1, 2012

The night before a craft show

Just thinking I should post what I feel the night before a show. I never really sat down and thought about my feelings and worries prior to a show, just I keep thinking about "selling out" of everything and making money. For starters, I'm worried about the weather. It is supposed to be windy with rain and possible thunderstorms tomorrow...ugh. Luckily it is a two day show and my mom and I divided up the crafts so we don't have as much "hanging around" in full bins. We have a little bit of everything so we should have a full tent and enough room for my mom, my sister, and myself to be comfortable should it rain like hell on us. I'm also worried about not having any people show up to the show on Saturday. I would hate to do all the work of setting up the tent and not having any people to purchase any items. Taking all the time to make everything and pricing the items reasonably and not selling, really sucks. Now I am all packed up in my car and I start thinking about what I am forgetting. And now that we are taking less items and should the weather get better, should we take more??? Not that it is that stressful, I feel anxious. It's nice that my sister is driving up tonight, but I am hoping she has a nice drive up here with the weather not bright and sunny. Anyways she will be here shortly! When all is set and done, we will probably sell about $250-400 but I would love to see $500-700!!! If I remember to post after it is over I will. Oh yeah, I sell my stuff on under coleeno if you care to shop, thanks in advance! Coleen