Sunday, February 3, 2013

Back to stockpiling for shows.

I've been sewing alot the past couple months. Making lots of bowl cozys, camera strap covers, and tagging everything with new tags. I decided to price the items with the price plus tax to make them an even dollar amount to make it easier to add them up at a show. very daunting task but I am making progress. Part of my resolution to be more organized this year-I am usually tagging things as I put them out for sale!

The camera strap covers are adorable if I say so myself.  they all have a wrap around pocket for the lens cap cover and whatever else fits for the photographer.  I used some new fabric purchased that has cameras on it and some that i already had on hand.  Think I should make 20 more so I'll have 50 for the season.  Oh, who am I kidding...I'll probably make 100 if i have enough fabric.  I should make some wristlet size for smaller digital cameras since alot of people use the little cameras. hmmmmmm.

Well guess I'll surf the web to see what the cameras are using for straps and how they hook on before i start sewing.  Away I go!

Till I craft again!