Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Elephant Never Forgets

This quilt was made by my sister Carol. I asked her to join in Project Quilting final Quilting Challenge and she did. Since an elephant never forgets (time is forever) this was the perfect time to make this quilt.  She has been wanting to make this particular quilt for her house for a while and I am so glad this challenge motivated her to make one.

She started her elephant by sketching out the basic design she wanted and cut out her strips of fabric.  She kept with a black/white color scheme to go with her new house that we painted grey walls.

After my sister sewed the pieces together she trimmed the elephant and appliqued it onto the background fabric, added a couple borders and stitched together with her batting.

Small 15"X15" wall art quilt made by my sister Carol Sprouse


  1. This is a great wall art quilt! Intriguing technique. Congrats to your sister for participating with such a nice quilt.

  2. What great piece. I love the technique. I will keep it in mind

  3. This is so wonderful! What a great piece and a great interpretation of the challenge! I'm so happy you encouraged your sister to join in the fun!

  4. Hooray for sisters! Thanks for sharing the process. Cool quilt. What a neat decor piece.