Saturday, March 4, 2017

Quilting Challenge week 5-Well Dressed Man

For this weeks challenge I was at a loss of what to make. I was watching everybody's posts on the Facebook page but I had no inspiration.  I thought about doing a military one but women (such as myself  USAF 79-83) are also serving so I didn't want to leave them out. Same with other professions that wear a uniform so I was completely without inspiration. I was very sad indeed.

Then I hurt my back bad enough that I stayed home from work for two days this week so I could take muscle relaxers. While scrolling through the "on demand" shows I came across some episodes of Dr Who, and my favorite new Dr is Matt Smith who wears bow ties (since bow ties are cool) and I found my inspiration.

So... bad back and all, I really couldn't do ANYTHING so I waited until Saturday when it started feeling better. I had some scrap blocks left over from a rag quilt I did for my bed so I took a couple triangles and sewed them to two of the blocks and stitched all four together to make one large block. 

Then since I was working with some scraps, I decided to use up some other scraps of my insulbright and cotton batting, so I layed them out onto the back side of my quilt block and smoothed them out. 

I didn't take a picture but I had some leftover birthday party fabric that I laid on top of the batting and pinned the whole sandwich together.  I free motioned quilted the entire piece together using a heart like pattern all over starting from the center corner of each block. 

After quilting I added a wide black binding and finished it off with a decorative stitch on the entire binding edge. And now I have my 18" square Red Bow Tie Hot Pad. 


  1. Glad you recovered enough to finish! Nice use of leftovers too

    1. I'm glad I recovered too. I think we all have way to many scraps not to use some for small projects.